About us

Miranda and I met and fell in love... Like, really madly, crazy, connected by the heart love. We went on to build our own home and grow our own food. In 2017, we had an abrupt introduction to parenthood when our boys, Solfen and Caulder, were born. We have a wonderful life together at our homestead and I am grateful to be able to share a piece of that beauty with you through my life's work.

I attempt to source my materials as locally as possible. My clay currently comes from a small "mine" (field) in Sheffield, Ma. and my glazes come from an American glaze manufacturer. Clock parts are American made as well. All wood products are made from trees that came from sustainable, local sources and were milled here at the homestead. To put things in perspective - my latest batch of pine logs came from a neighbors house about 500' away. They were having the tree removed as it was dying from pine borer beetles and posed a threat to their home.

I hope that you find beauty in my products as well as see the importance of my goals of local and sustainable products.