• Matt

The horizon is calling...

The home was built with blood and sweat, paranoia, anxiety, triumph, and courage. The land has been cared for as a member of our family would be. The woods are dark, yet vibrant and full of life. And through those woods, off in the distance, there is another hill which forms the horizon. When night has fallen, and the winter wind gusts from the north, the woods are said to howl with all manner of beasts hungry for the hunt, and hungrier for the celebration of success. And here we stand, ready to forge the wild to marvel in the howls coming from beyond the horizon... I am happy to be able to offer fine handmade products to bring beauty from our home to yours. Check back frequently for updates and new products.

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A hard day's work...

The logs came from a young tree and had been cut to four or five foot lengths. They were unassuming, brown with a slightly rough texture and coated lightly here and there with a thick, dark green moss