Life pulls us in at least a million directions at a time. Balancing work, family, friendships, learning, hobbies, etc. in itself could easily be a full time job. There are times when the world can feel like it is crashing down around you and you can't get a moment to breathe, think, or prioritize. Sometimes your mind and body can begin to crumble under the enormous weight of being human. These are the moments when a warm bath is in order. When you relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sink your ears beneath the water line and listen to your heartbeat, it is possible to gain clarity and feel the relaxation that is much needed and generally lacking in our busy world. This cedar bath caddy will give you a place to rest your beverage, put down your book, or the likes. Fits a standard sized bath tub with 22" wide interior dimensions (and up to roughly 25" int. dimension).

Cedar Bath Caddy