A sugar maple (also known as "hard maple") was taken down at a home right in nearby Avon, CT to open up the yard and help get it ready for sale. It took me and a friend about 6 or 7 hours to hoist the log onto the truck bed to bring it home to mill. Most of this log was used as flooring in the downstairs room of our home, but this slab was meant for something else - something special, but I wasn't sure what.
2 years later, we began demolition on the old camper we lived in while we were building the house (it had many leaks, even while we were living in it, and was beyond repair). We tossed the old kitchen table outside and at the end of the day I couldn't help but think, "It sure is a shame to see those table legs go to waste." Sure they were a bit scratched up and rusted in places - but they still had a lot of life left in them. Lightbulb! Refinished table legs + nicely finished hard maple slab = beautiful table!

A nice little bit of elbow grease later, and it was done. Freshly painted legs, planed and sanded table top, finished with 3 coats of shellac (which, scary as it sounds, actually comes from beetles!). Now that you know its story, I hope that you can better appreciate its beauty and the fact that it literally comes from bits and pieces of our homestead's history.

Note: It is recommended that this item be securely fastened to the floor using appropriate bolts or screws to ensure safe use. Item is available only in CT or Southwest MA and has a $40 delivery fee.

Maple slab table